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  • portable dental equipment.jpg

    Starting your own dental practice is not an easy task. Purchasing portable dental equipment for your practice can also be difficult. On average, a new dental practice will spend around $500,000 on structural upfit, equipment and supplies for their business. To make sure you are getting the most for   Read More>

  • HB Dental patient chairs.png

    Usually,in a narrow sense,the main part of the dental unit is the dental chair,of course, along with the dental chair,the components of dental unit also include air movement system,intelligent control system,backrest adjustment system and so on.But for a dental clinic,select the right dental patient chair will benefit a lot in the future development.   Read More>

  • dental air compressor-HB Dental.png

    We know. Dental air compressors are expensive. And what's the real difference anyway right? As tempting as it is to simply take your wallet down to Sears to buy air compressor we suggest you don't. We have seen many a dentist try to rig an acceptable air compression system to the detriment of the patient and the doctors own handpieces.   Read More>

  • full-automatic-laboratory-autoclave-sterilizer.jpg

    The sterilization time is up to the types of dental autoclave and sterilization temperature,there are dental steam sterilization equipment,dry heat dental autoclave and unsaturated chemical vapor sterilizers.Dental autoclave sterilization time varies from 25 min to 150 min.   Read More>

  • HB Dental-Unit-Waterlines.jpg

    Dental unit waterline matters most for the best dental unit.If you are a responsible dental clinics,then pay more attention to the dental unit waterline quality. What is dental unit waterline? Biofilm—a coating of microorganisms—can develop in dental unit waterlines (the tubes connecting instrumenta   Read More>

  • mid-autumn-festival-graphic-hb-dental.jpg

    Annual Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching day by day,2017 Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4th. The day is within the National Day holiday (Oct. 1 - 7) Falling on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival in Chi   Read More>

  • common dental equipment in dental clinic.jpg

    If you are a dentist or are working in a dental office, or if you are a regular visitor of a dentist’s clinic, you may come across many equipments and tools that are used in the dental industry.HB Dental,as an professional manufacturer of clinic dental unit, We list some of the most common dental equipment and their use:   Read More>

  • dental-technology.jpg

    Technology is the buzz-word of the day, and new applications are cropping up everywhere, even in the dental field. In an industry that has traditionally been dominated by slow moving technological advances; recent years have seen an explosion in new tech applications for dentistry.   Read More>

  • FDI World Dental Congress.png

    FDI,the biggest international world dental congress will take place on 29th August,in the capital of Spain, aims to bring the world together to improve oral health.At that time,HB Dental,as a professional manufacturer of dental units,will also join in this great event.   Read More>

  • dental simulator unit dentaroid human like texture.jpg

    What is the best educational dental simulators for students?Actually,a technological breakthrough opening a new era in Dental Simulation Training System, educational dental simulators for students has the following features.   Read More>

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